Four Guinness records for Ba Na’s new cable car system
The Ba Na Hills recently announced that its third cable car system leading to the peak of Ba Na Mountain has hold four Guinness world records for the longest non-stop single track cable car with a total length of 5,771.61m, the highest non-stop single cable car with a height difference of 1,368.93m, the longest single cable with a total length of 11,587m and the heaviest cable reel with a weight of 141.24 tonnes.

Ba Na cable car system

The Ba Na Cable Car Service Joint-Stock Company has spent 30 million USD in this 86-cabin cable car system, which is able to transport 1,500 passengers an hour.  The operation of this cable car system will help to reduce the journey from the foot to the mountain peak by 17 minutes.

On 25 March 2009, a single track cable car system of Ba Na Hills set 02 world Guinness records for the longest and the highest non-stop cable car with a length of 5,042m and a height difference of 1,291m.

From Pioneer Newspaper


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