City's Plan for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs
Publish date 05-01-2018 15:13

Da Nang People’s Committee Chairman Huynh Duc Tho recently approved specific action plans in response to the implementation of Politburo’s Resolution No 36-NQ/TW regarding overseas Vietnamese (OVs) affairs.

Under the city’s plans, the focus will be on promoting the publicity of resolutions and directives released by the Politburo and the national government on OVs’ affairs amongst them in order to encourage them to uphold the spirit of great national unity and harmony.

Even more favourable conditions will be created to help OVs maintain their stable lives abroad, confidently integrate into their adopted countries, and preserve the identity of their country of birth. 

More fine arts and cultural exchange programmes, closely linked with the publicity of the Vietnamese cultural values, will be promoted for OV communities worldwide in a bid to help them stay connected to the Vietnamese language and culture.

With the help of OV communities, international friends worldwide will understand more about Viet Nam, and give more support to the country’s sovereignty over its sea and islands.  

Greater joined endeavour with government agencies will be made to deploy effective policies for strengthening the protection and management of overseas citizens, including labourers and students living and studying abroad.

Importance will be also attached to appealing for more OVs to make greater dedication towards the city’s socio-economic progress, and establish a closer link amongst Vietnamese businesspeople from both home and abroad.

More meetings between the city leaders and OVs will be organised in their adopted countries during their overseas working trips.

In addition, a special data system will be set up to update information on OVs whose hometowns are in Da Nang, along with their adopted countries, the number of OVs repatriating to their roots, and the amount of inward remittances. 

Quynh Dan