Kisarazu City (Japan) promotes attracting human resources for nursing from Da Nang
Publish date 22-12-2019 13:48

Promoting the exchange and cooperation in human resources for nursing and health care between Da Nang City and Kisarazu City (Japan), based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two sides in July 1919, this is the main discussion at the meeting of Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee Tran Van Mien and Ms. Sachiko Tanaka, Deputy Mayor of Kisarazu city, on the occasion of the working visit to Da Nang, on November 25.


At the meeting, Deputy Mayor Sachiko Tanaka said that Kisarazu city delegation came to Da Nang this time to learn about the teaching of nursing, health care, especially care for the elderly at universities and colleges in the city, specifically at 3 schools: Duy Tan University; Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Da Nang; Phuong Dong College. Following that, it is expected that in February 2020, Kisarazu city will continue to send delegations to Da Nang with the desire to organize a seminar on introduction of elderly care facilities in Kisarazu to students. The city aims to realize the cooperation and attract human resources of Da Nang to work in Kisarazu city, based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two sides in July 2019.

According to Deputy Mayor Sachiko Tanaka, with a total population of over 10,000 people, of which ¼ is aging population, care for the elderly is an urgent problem in Kisarazu, always in the shortage of human resources. Therefore, Kisarazu city is eager to receive the support of Da Nang in cooperation and admission of nursing students to work in elderly care facilities in Kisarazu.

Welcoming the Deputy Mayor of Kisarazu city delegation to learn and promote human resource cooperation in nursing and healthcare, Vice Chairman Tran Van Mien said that Kisarazu choosing Viet Nam and Da Nang to cooperate in this field is quite reasonable, because Viet Nam is currently in a period of golden population, with abundant labor resources, trained in basic skills. Besides, Da Nang is also a large center for human resource training in the Central - Highlands region, attracting a large number of students.

In order for the cooperation to take place smoothly and effectively, Vice Chairman Tran Van Mien proposed to Kisisazu city to research carefully about the needs and situation of students who are studying nursing in Da Nang in order to have projects to attract and recruit staff appropriately. At the same time, on the side of Da Nang, Vice Chairman Tran Van Mien assigned the Department of Foreign Affairs to be the focal point, coordinating, supporting, creating all favorable conditions for the process of project cooperation and implementation.