Speeding up the progress of implementing the Da Nang City Sustainable Development Project
Publish date 02-06-2020 09:52

In the afternoon on 29th May, Mr. Huynh Duc Tho - Chairman of the City People’s Committee, worked with Mr. Ousmane Dione - Director of the World Bank (WB) in Viet Nam together with the delegation on the implementation of the Da Nang City Sustainable Development Project. The meeting had the participation of Mr. Ho Ky Minh – Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee.

Mr. Ousmane Dione, Director of WB in Viet Nam, in the meeting

The Project of the Da Nang City Sustainable Development has been sponsored by WB with the total budget of 275 million USD to broaden the approach of the Da Nang people to services of rain water drainage, waste water collection and treatment, important road transport network in selected zones in the City. The Project was implemented in May 2017 and expected to finish in June 2021.

The Project comprises 05 compositions: Composition 1 – Improving rain and waste water drainage system; Composition 2 – Bus rapid transit (BRT); Composition 3 – Strategic urban transport routes; Composition 4 – Strengthening the capacity and support for project implementation; Composition 5 – Activities transferred from the Project of Da Nang Prioritized Infrastructural Investment.

According to an assessment of WB’s delegation, the project is currently on late progress, the approved amount level as of present only reaches 51.2%; the capacity for completing the compositions and items as committed to is rather difficult. The biggest problem causing lateness in project implementation is the reclamation of land and resettlement at the Contracts of: Building Lien Chieu Waste Water Treatment Station; Building the routes of sewage and urban trees used for dividing strip; Building DH2 road. Thus, the City People’s Committee should strictly monitor and guide the implementation for speeding up land reclamation; also, the People’s Committees of districts must set up feasible plans with specific schedules for premises clearance.

Mr. Huynh Duc Tho – Chairman of the City People’s Committee and Mr. Ho Ky Minh – Vice Chairman of the City People’s Committee at the meeting

Delivering speech at the meeting, Chairman Huynh Duc Tho agreed upon the assessment of WB’s delegation that most of the project’s compositions are presently on late progress. However, we cannot miss a reason causing the lateness during the past time that was Covid-19 epidemic. During the last 03 months, while the epidemic was seriously happening, the reception of local citizens to deal with problem related to land reclamation and premises clearance presided over by the City’s leaders could not be implemented due to the regulations on social distancing; also, the execution of construction works was limited. In addition, with the agreement of related parties, the bus rapid transit (BRT) was designed into a high-quality bus system to enhance the project’s efficiency, that was also a big problem causing the lateness.

Chairman Huynh Duc Tho affirmed that in the coming time, the City People’s Committee will enhance the direction and strongly speed up the progress of premises clearance for projects; shorten the design and complete procedures for implementing the item of high-quality bus system. “The City Government commits to strongly direct the overcoming of subjective elements, tries to boost the project’s progress to meet the requirement of both sides. And, we propose that WB would agree for us to extend the duration for the project’s completion so that it would be complete, obtain high quality and efficiency”, Chairman Huynh Duc Tho said.