Meeting on scientific education for the sustainable development of Da Nang
Publish date 27-03-2021 03:39

On the afternoon of March 26th, the Da Nang Department of Foreign Affairs cooperated with the Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) in organizing a meeting for the City’s teachers within the project “Scientific education for the sustainable development of Da Nang”.

With the participation of teachers from the Navet Science Center (Sweden) and 30 teachers from Le Quy Don Senior High School for the Gifted, the meeting was one of the activities that actualized the cooperation agreement signed between Da Nang and the city of Boras, Sweden aimed at turning Da Nang into a center of innovation, creativity, a friendly-environment city and life-long educational activities.

The meeting brought the sustainable development targets of the United Nations to these teachers to help them combine these targets into their teaching as an initial step for enhancing the capacity of teachers and students in Da Nang.

In April, the Department of Foreign Affairs will continue cooperating with ICLD to organize a meeting within the project for students in the City.