57 master projects attracting investment in the City for the period of 2020-2025
Publish date 10-03-2021 11:39

On 26th February, the City People’s Committee issued Decision No. 641/QĐ-UBND adjusting the master portfolio to attract investment in Da Nang for the period of 2020-2025. The master portfolio contains 57 projects in 9 areas.

6 projects will be funded in the field of education and training, of which 2 projects will be built in Hoa Vang District with estimated totals of more than 1,000 billion VND specifically, an international university with a total investment of 1,138 billion VND and a junior college, offering programs on skilled labor training based on international and regional standards, with an estimated total investment of 1,000 billion VND.  

In the field of medical health, 4 projects will be funded including an international medical treatment zone in the Da Nang Oncology Hospital (Lien Chieu District) with 500 patient beds and an estimated total investment of 11,000 billion VND.

Projects to be funded in the fields of tourism, services, and trade include the Bach Dang - Nguyen Van Troi Bridge - Tran Hung Dao pedestrian street with estimated total investment of 400 billion VND, an underground entertainment and shopping center with estimated total investment of 910.8 billion VND, and a horse racing track and stud farm with estimated total investment of 4,554 billion VND;

4 projects which will be funded in sports and culture include: Ngu Hanh Son Cultural and Historic Park (Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District) with estimated total investment of 2,000 billion VND, Hoa Xuan Sport Center with estimated total investment of 4,377 billion VND, the City’s Theatre with estimated total investment of 5,000 billion VND, and the Da Nang film studio with estimated total investment of 150 - 200 billion VND.

In the field of IT and industrial infrastructure, there are 10 projects to be funded. Three of these projects are Hoa Cam Industrial Zone – 2nd stage with a total investment of 2,232.87 billion VND, Hoa Ninh Industrial Zone with a total investment of 6,083.15 billion VND, and Hoa Nhon Industrial Zone with a total investment of 5,657.53 billion VND.

In the Hi-tech industry, there are 4 funded projects focused on aviation and spaceship engineering, robot design and manufacture engineering, solar energy power manufacturing, and chip and biosensor manufacturing.

In the field of Hi-tech agriculture, there are 7 projects, including the Hi-tech Agriculture Zone, Hoa Khuong – Hoa Phong Hi-tech Agriculture Zone; Hoa Phu Hi-tech Agriculture Zone, a livestock and poultry breeding zone, and a livestock and poultry slaughtering center.

The one project in the environmental field is Da Nang’s living solid waste treatment facility with an estimated total investment of 3,000 billion VND and a capacity of 1,000 tons per day.

There are 10 projects in transport, infrastructures and logistics of which: the project of moving the railway station and urban development has an estimated total investment of 12,636 billion VND, the Da Nang Airport Tunnel has an estimated total investment of 8,228 billion VND, and public transport systems such as subway and tramway systems have estimated total investment of 54,500 billion VND. Also funded are centers for logistics such as Logistics Center of Lien Chieu Port, Logistics Center of Da Nang International Airport, Logistics Center of Hi-tech Park, and Logistics Center of Kim Lien commodity terminal.

Chairman Le Trung Chinh nominated the Da Nang Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) to preside over and cooperate with related departments and agencies based on the approved portfolios to develop materials and information related to the City’s projects calling for investment and be advised by the City People’s Committee to adjust the portfolios to conform to updated conditions.

Decision No. 641/QĐ-UBND which replaces Decision No. 5589/QĐ-UBND dated 9th December 2019 of the Chairman of the City People’s Committee stipulates the approval of master project portfolios attracting investment in Da Nang for the period of 2020 - 2025.