Rostelecom proposes solutions for implementing digital transformation and cooperating in building a smart city
Publish date 15-04-2021 10:31

On April 9th, Vice-Chairman of the City People’s Committee Le Quang Nam worked with Rostelecom (Russia), led by Mr. Alexeev Alexey – General Director of EOC Rostelecom, in the implementation of solutions for advanced digital transformation and cooperation in building a smart city and utilities in Da Nang.

Rostelecom is the largest provider for digital solutions and services to many markets in Russia providing services for millions of family households and governmental and private organizations. Rostelecom’s products and technical solutions have been widely known by providing creative solutions for e-government, network security, data centers, cloud computing, biometrics, medical health, education, housing, and utilities.

Mr. Alexey said that the Rostelecom is presently the top corporation in Russia in developing digital solutions for smart houses, online education, and remote medical health. It is also the top provider for telecommunication services for government and enterprise customers in Russia at all levels.
At the meeting, Mr. Alexey introduced Rostelecom’s advanced digital solutions and services as well as the concept of a smart city including smart economy (the development of IT and media, a convenient environment for innovation, and the availability of an online reservation system) and the evolution of unmanned vehicles which will reduce accidents and emergencies in household and utility systems.

On behalf of the City’s leaders, Vice-Chairman Le Quang Nam appreciated the solutions for digital transformation, smart city building, data centers, and utilities offered by Rostelecom. The Vice-Chairman said that Da Nang City considers smart city building as the next step of e-government where IT is a tool for managing challenges in modern urban management. The building of a smart city must be implemented synchronously with domestic smart city networks according to Resolution No. 43-NQ/TW of the Politburo regarding the building and development of Da Nang City until 2030, with a vision towards 2045.

The Vice-Chairman hoped that the participation of Russian IT companies in general and Rostelecom in particular would make a contribution to the rapid development and effective application of the world’s top IT products into the process of digital transformation, aiming to achieve a digital economy and society.