Opportunities for Da Nang to expand its flight network
Publish date 07-06-2022 08:55

On the afternoon of June 5th, within the framework of Routes Asia 2022, Vice Chairman of the City’s People’s Committee Tran Phuoc Son welcomed and worked with Mr. Steven Small, Director of Informa Routes.

At the meeting, Vice Chairman of the City’s People’s Committee Tran Phuoc Son said that the fact that Routes Asia 2022 is being hosted in Da Nang is extremely important, especially in the context of Viet Nam in general and Da Nang in particular implementing many solutions to revive socio-economic development after 2 years of being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, creating opportunities for the city to restore its flight routes in 2019 and connect new routes.

Vice Chairman Tran Phuoc Son presenting a souvenir to Mr. Steven Small

According to Vice Chairman Tran Phuoc Son, in order to prepare for Routes Asia 2022 to be conducted smoothly and effectively, the city has mobilized related departments, agencies, and units to prepare facilities, organize side activities, and create a series of special activities within the framework of the event.

Vice Chairman Tran Phuoc Son hoped that through this event, Da Nang would be positioned as a destination for international events, assisting businesses in exploring business opportunities, and at the same time, attracting more investment in the fields of aviation, high-tech development, and logistics - which are within the development orientation of the city.

“With the experience of hosting numerous events, the city hoped that Informa Routes would continue to act as a bridge for businesses, tourism associations, and airports to have the opportunity to cooperate with international airlines and travel agencies. After this event, I expect to have bigger events such as Routes World to be held in Da Nang,” Vice Chairman Tran Phuoc Son shared.

Mr. Steven Mall, Director of Informa Routes affirmed, Routes Asia 2022 would bring Da Nang advantages and potential for tourism development as well as introduce the city’s image and airport to potential airlines customers and new partners. This is also an opportunity to develop and expand Da Nang’s flight network.

Mr. Steven Small expected that through the activities taking place in the coming days, there would be many meetings and newly-founded relationships, creating great opportunities for participants to better understand Da Nang’s potential and strengths.