Support and create favorable conditions for the development of the francophone community in Da Nang
Publish date 08-12-2022 21:07, Lượt xem: 10

On November 30th at a meeting with Ms. Emmanuelle Pavillon-Grosser - Consul General of France in Ho Chi Minh City, Ms. Ngo Thi Kim Yen - Vice Chairwoman of Da Nang People's Committee affirmed that the city government is always interested in supporting and creating favorable conditions for programs and activities to expand and develop the francophone community in Da Nang.

At the meeting, Consul General Emmanuelle Pavillon-Grosser stated that more and more French people are choosing Da Nang as a place to live and work.  Many French enterprises are aiming to invest and expand production and business in the City. Accordingly, one of the factors that could attract French experts to live and work in Da Nang is French language schools using teaching methods in accordance with French models for their children’s education.

“We can clearly see the connection and interaction between the following factors: the development of the francophone community, attraction of French human resources, and job opportunities. As the francophone community in Da Nang develops, more and more French people will come to live, work, and study here which will attract French businesses and investors to Da Nang, thereby creating job opportunities for French speakers in the City. When there are great job opportunities, many students will be attracted to studying French, thereby contributing to the expansion and development of the francophone community in Da Nang”, the Consul General shared.

Affirming that the French Government is very interested in implementing support programs to encourage Vietnamese students in general and Da Nang students in particular to study French, Ms. Emmanuelle Pavillon-Grosser expressed her wish to continue receiving the support and facilitation of the city government with visa procedures for French teachers coming to Da Nang as well as the French Institute’s programs and activities in Da Nang in the coming time.

Agreeing with Consul General Emmanuelle Pavillon-Grosser's comments, Vice Chairwoman Ngo Thi Kim Yen said that in order to develop the francophone community and increase the percentage of French speakers in Da Nang, it is necessary to deploy a wide range of programs and activities, especially attracting more French people to come to Da Nang, inviting French businesses to invest in Da Nang, and creating more job opportunities and study abroad opportunities for French-language students.

Through the meeting, the Vice Chairwoman assigned the Department of Foreign Affairs to act as the focal point and closely coordinate with the French Consulate to support the implementation of visa procedures for French teachers. At the same time, the Department of Education and Training was assigned to coordinate with the French Institute in Da Nang to study the demand for French language training in local schools.

“The City is ready to coordinate, support and create favorable conditions for the implementation of programs and plans proposed by the Consul General to expand and develop the francophone community in Da Nang. The City's participation in organizing activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between France and Viet Nam (April 12, 1973 - April 12, 2023) is also an opportunity to strengthen friendly relations, cooperation, and cultural and people-to-people exchanges between Da Nang and localities and partners in France”, Vice Chairwoman Ngo Thi Kim Yen expressed.




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