International tourists learn about Vietnamese Tet culture at the exhibition "Spring colors of the Year of the Cat"
Publish date 20-01-2023 22:20

To celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Cat, from January 14 the Da Nang Museum of Fine Arts, in collaboration with the City Fine Arts Association, organized the exhibition "Spring colors of the Year of the Cat". The exhibition attracted many international tourists to visit and learn about Vietnamese Tet culture.

Kim Eun Jae (Korean tourist) shared: “The atmosphere of Tet in Viet Nam is great and has many similarities with Korea. In the new year everyone is very happy. I hope to have the opportunity to celebrate Tet in Viet Nam again.”

This exhibition introduces the public to more than 40 works on the theme of Spring and the Year of the Cat 2023.

The exhibition hopes to bring a new experience and warm atmosphere while honoring the beauty of Da Nang and kickstarting the Year of the Cat 2023.

Kim Idam (Korean tourist) shared: “The exhibition was very good. I saw a lot of beautiful creations. I was also very surprised that the new year mascot of Viet Nam is a cat, not a rabbit like in our country. That's interesting".

For this occasion, Da Nang Museum of Fine Arts will organize many activities for people and tourists such as: experience making a Tet calendar with themes of cats and spring; Dong Ho folk painting "Cat welcomes spring"; and a recreation of Tet in the past and Tet in the present. The exhibition will take place from January 14 to February 12, 2023.


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