Da Nang welcomes more than 450 wedding party participants from India
Publish date 27-01-2023 22:22

On January 24th Da Nang Department of Tourism welcomed more than 450 participants of an Indian wedding. This is an activity within the City’s international visitors promotion program. In the past, Da Nang has supported and welcomed several Indian weddings which are part of a plan to promote the City as a destination for weddings from the Indian market, along with other activities such as tourism fairs and family trips, for Indian wedding event companies.

After consideration, an Indian family chose Da Nang as the destination for the wedding of Ms. Tuisha and Mr. Gaurav from January 25 to 29, 2023. It is expected that more than 350 guests, 100 event staff and Indian chefs, and more than 2 tons of materials, costumes, and props will travel from India to Da Nang for the wedding.

According to Mr. Satish Ramnani, Director of Veydaa Events and an Indian wedding planner who is particularly interested in bringing more weddings to Da Nang, in 2023 the company is planning another two weddings in the City.

Mr. Satish Ramnani also said that Da Nang, with its luxurious accommodation and event infrastructure, has a lot of potential to become an attractive wedding destination for Indian guests. However, Da Nang still needs to give more supportive and preferential policies for this segment of the destination wedding market so that the families can feel welcomed in organizing a wedding with many traditional rituals and complex supplies and preparation.

Representatives of the Department of Tourism welcoming and presenting gifts along with blessings to the bride and groom and their families.

International tourism reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic along with direct flights to Da Nang from major Indian cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad, bringing positive growth in the Indian tourism market.

In 2022, India was among the top 10 international tourism markets for Da Nang, ranking fifth after South Korea, Thailand, the USA, and Malaysia, with an estimated 39,359 visitors accounting for 4.66% of all international visitors. Compared to 2019 where 16,558 visitors accounted for about 0.9% of all international visitors, the Indian tourism market has made a breakthrough with a growth rate of nearly 250%. The focus for the Indian tourism market in the near future will be on lavish weddings held for many days and costing billions of dong.



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