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This was the promise of Mr. Nguyen Van Quang, Member of the Party Central Committee and Secretary of the Da Nang City Party Committee at a meeting with more than 250 businesses and business associations on the afternoon of February 17.

It was a strong message from the leaders of Da Nang City to the business community and investors about creating a competitive and healthy business environment. It also reaffirmed the City's commitment to the business community and investors in creating the best conditions to support businesses operating in the City.

Over the years, Da Nang has implemented a series of programs to support businesses with technology innovation, production of souvenirs, development of supporting industries, software production, and interest rate support.

Specifically, support with interest rates and loans for businesses has been widely deployed to the business community. In December 2021, the City People’s Council issued Resolution 60/2021/NQ-HDND stipulating interest rate support for small and medium-sized enterprises borrowing from the Da Nang Investment and Development Fund to restore and expand production and business in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2023, Da Nang will continue the 2% interest rate support program using 40,000 billion VND from the state budget aimed at loans for businesses and business households at commercial banks according to the Decree of the Government.

Secretary of the City Party Committee Nguyen Van Quang speaking at the meeting

Support programs from the city government have assisted businesses in production and other business activities. This has been very important in order to replenish resources and create motivation for businesses to overcome difficulties after nearly 3 years of being affected by COVID-19.

In order to take further steps forward and create momentum for development in the next phase with a long-term vision, in 2022 the City will start the construction on Lien Chieu Port and is actively working with ministries and sectors to submit the final project plan soon. The Government also approved a regional financial center and non-tariff zone as a new impetus for the growth of the City.

Assessments of data from 2022 on the number of businesses returning to operation and the City's GRDP growth and budget revenue show very encouraging results.

Secretary of the Da Nang City Party Committee Nguyen Van Quang acknowledged the great contributions of the business community to the development of the City in the past.

“Especially in the most difficult time during the Covid-19 pandemic, the business community managed difficulties and challenges, took the initiative in production and business, and overcame consequences to recover and develop. In addition, businesses have shown significant social responsibility by joining hands to support disease prevention facilities, testing and treatment, and ensuring food supply for the people", the Secretary of the City Party Committee said.

For 2023, Da Nang chose the theme "The year focused on unleashing resources, attracting investment, maintaining economic growth, and ensuring social security". To effectively implement this theme, the local government has set out many tasks such as: effectively implementing 15 policies issued  by the People's Council and the City People's Committee to support local businesses, specifically the Resolution on interest rate support for businesses borrowing capital to invest in important socioeconomic development projects in the City; submitting to the People's Council a Resolution on the policy to encourage privatization; and improving procedures and processes for more convenient access to loans from the City Development Investment Fund.

In particular, Da Nang will submit to the Prime Minister for approval of the Da Nang City Detailed Urban Planning for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, and complete zoning plans according to the general planning. Along with that, the City will speed up the implementation of socioeconomic development infrastructure projects such as Lien Chieu Port, expanding National Highway 14B, expanding Nam Hai Van bypass (Hoa Lien - Tuyen section Loan), and construction of the connecting road between the Hi-Tech Park and the North-South Expressway.

Da Nang City will also coordinate with central ministries and branches to solve problems arising from putting Software Park No. 2 and Hoa Lien Water Plant into operation; quickly putting Cam Le industrial cluster into operation; completing the selection of investors to develop infrastructure for Hoa Cam Industrial Park phase 2; and completing the bidding for infrastructure development of Hoa Ninh Industrial Park.

For 2023, Da Nang has high expectations for the City and business community to achieve even more positive results in economic development, for businesses to gain higher profits, and for people to have jobs and sustainable livelihoods.

“We hope the business community will continue to accompany the City to turn difficulties and challenges into advantages and opportunities and turn potentials and advantages into resources and development motivation to help our city create further breakthroughs, affirm its position and role as the growth engine of the country, and provide our people with better and better lives”, Standing Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee Ho Ky Minh stated.





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