The stories to be told at DIFF 2023
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The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2023 will feature the participation of 7 international teams from the UK, Italy, Poland, France, Australia, Canada, Finland, and the host team Da Nang, Viet Nam. With the theme "A Borderless World," the teams promise to bring the audience a "feast" of sound, light, color, and meaningful human stories about love, moments of resilience in the fight against COVID-19, and a wish for a peaceful and beautiful world.

Da Nang – Vietnam

With the theme of "Da Nang - Harmony in Sound", the performance of the Da Nang team welcomes international friends to Viet Nam and the coastal city of Da Nang. The performance also conveys the message: “Despite conflicts, wars, natural disasters, earthquakes, and pandemics, compassion still remains within us”. DIFF 2023, with its uplifting emotions, hopes to erase all distances, unite the differences and love of humanity, and leave international friends with many beautiful memories of human kindness in Da Nang – Viet Nam. Gathered at DIFF 2023, Da Nang and international friends will witness performances of vibrant fireworks in the Da Nang sky, combined with music and the colorful reflections on the romantic Han River, to unite love and strength for peace and wish for a brighter and more humane world.

Pyrotex Fireworx – UK

At DIFF 2023, Pyrotex Fireworx will bring a performance titled "Lighting up the world". The theme of the performance is based on the world overcoming COVID-19 and helping people to be happy again after two difficult years.

Mark Kelsall, representative of Pyrotex Fireworx team, shared: "After a long period, we are very happy to be back at DIFF 2023. After months of designing the soundtrack, we believe that people will immerse themselves in the songs of the performance. Surely, the final night performance will be extremely explosive with sophisticated technical displays. The theme of the performance based on overcoming COVID-19 - "Lighting up the world" will help people be happy again after two difficult years", said Mark Kelsall.

Surex Firma Rodzinna – Poland

At DIFF 2023, Surex Firma Rodzinna will bring the "Dragon fireworks" performance, depicting the majestic dragon blending with the beauty of Da Nang and surrounding areas. The dragon showcased its true power at the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition in 2008, when citizens from all over the country came to admire its soaring dance. However, a virus appeared on the horizon. People were running around and covering their faces. Behind the masks were countless sad and tragic stories. The dragon was sad and hidden in an abandoned corner of the country.

For three years, the Fire Dragon fought to survive, and finally raised its colorful fireworks wings again. It was reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes, shining brighter than before, so that people could once again immerse themselves in a colorful world and enjoy the beauty of the dragon in all its glory. The dragon survived for the sake of humans, so that they could once again be in a world full of colors and enjoy the joy under the beauty of the dragon.

Martarello Group S.R.L - Italy

At DIFF 2023, Martarello Group S.R.L will present a performance with the theme "Ancient Space and Modern Light", inspired by the masterpiece of art by Lucio Fontana called "Ambiente Spaziale a Luce Nera", an Italian masterpiece that brings together the fusion between the classical world and the modern world.

Hands Fireworks – Canada

With the theme "Aurora", the Hands Fireworks team from Canada will bring a spectacular fireworks display to DIFF 2023, designed to showcase some of the best electronic music works from Canada with beautiful lights, colors, and sound.

Joho Pyro AB – Finland

Title of the performance by Joho Pyro AB - "Restarting My Heart" - is likened to a new beginning after the global pandemic. The performance will remind us of the moments of strong struggle against COVID-19 and returning to normal life with even stronger emotions and love.

Arteventia - France

At DIFF 2023, Arteventia brings a performance titled "Colors of Hope" with the hope of creating different emotions and satisfying the audience. Each performance is unique, creatively crafted, and conveys the emotions and feelings of Arteventia.

Howard & Sons –Australia

With the theme "Illuminmate, Illumin'mate", Howard & Sons will recreate Australia's recent timeline. From the devastating bushfires in early 2020 to the challenges of the pandemic, the performance tells the story of the ups and downs of the country.



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