Da Nang - Shandong: Partners in Development
Publish date 05-10-2023 16:01, Lượt xem: 10

At the invitation of the Shandong provincial government in China, a delegation from Da Nang, led by Mr. Ngo Xuan Thang, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Da Nang City, visited China and attended the Forum of Twin Cities on September 26.

The Forum was attended by over 30 countries and regions from around the world with the goal of enhancing friendly cooperation and contributing together to write a new history among twin cities.

At the Forum, the leadership of Shandong Province affirmed their desire to strengthen cooperation with twin cities in various fields, including science and technology, innovation, trade and economics, environmental protection, and especially collaboration in addressing climate change, energy conservation, and clean energy development.

Under the theme of "Green Growth and Low Carbon Living," during the opening ceremony of the Forum, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Da Nang City, Nguyen Xuan Thang, introduced Da Nang's efforts in coping with climate change, resource management, aiming for sustainable development, and becoming an ecological city. He also expressed his admiration for Shandong's remarkable development in recent years.

As a twin city of Shandong, Da Nang is always ready to accompany and contribute to the "growth" journey, participating in achieving the "green" goal, especially in the context where the world faces unforeseen challenges.

Within the framework of the Forum, Mr. Ngo Xuan Thang, representing Da Nang, participated in the "Friendship Forest" tree-planting ceremony organized among twin cities with Shandong Province. He also attended the Exhibition of Shandong's Non-material Cultural Heritage, showcasing traditional cultural elements of Shandong such as paper-cutting, puppetry, and painting.

Participating in the 2023 World Twin Cities Forum in Shandong, as a locality with a twin city relationship with Shandong Province since 1996, not only deepens the traditional relationship between Da Nang and Shandong but also opens up new opportunities for promoting future cooperation programs between the two localities.




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