Creating Dragon Park on a 2.8-hectare site in Son Tra District
Publish date 19-02-2024 15:12, Lượt xem: 6

The dragon mascots used in the Tet decorations for the Year of the Tiger 2024 will be consolidated to establish Dragon Park in Son Tra District. This will serve as a fresh tourist check-in spot, complemented by essential public amenities such as restrooms, food stalls, photo booths, an outdoor stage for artistic performances, administrative facilities, and security stations to cater to residents and visitors.

On February 19, the Department of Construction announced that the city's leadership had approved and tasked the Department of Construction to lead in collaboration with Mono Bogo Vietnam Limited Company (a socialized investor) and Minh Tuan Tu Consultancy and Construction Company (project contractor) to develop a plan to centralize all dragon mascots and certain decorative features at Plot A* (located northwest of the Vo Van Kiet and Vo Nguyen Giap intersection, spanning approximately 2.8 hectares). This initiative precedes the project implementation according to the established plan.

Simultaneously, the city is partnering with relevant entities and enterprises to jointly invest in decorating Dragon Park, organizing its operations, and maintaining its facilities throughout 2024.

The Construction Technical Consulting Center is tasked with drafting a preliminary design plan for the temporary construction of Dragon Park on the designated plot. This plan ensures compliance with architectural landscape standards and creates a novel tourist destination complete with necessary public amenities to enhance the experience for residents and tourists alike.

Regarding the statue of a dragon from the Ly dynasty crafted from Bat Trang pottery located above the T-shaped bridge (opposite 42 Bach Dang Street), city leaders have agreed to maintain it until the end of 2024, pending selection of a fitting permanent display location.

The Tet 2024 decoration project in the city encompasses a diverse array of dragon mascot installations, including moving statues, flame and water effects, decorative lighting, and more. The Tet Flower Street will be open for public enjoyment from the 28th day of the 12th lunar month of the Year of the Goat to the 15th day of the 1st lunar month of the Year of the Tiger (February 7 to February 24, 2024).

Previously, after the Tet of the Year of the Cat 2023, the Department of Construction collaborated with the Department of Education and Training to advise city leadership on donating and installing Tet decorative dragon mascots at preschools throughout the city. However, this year, the large and stately dragon mascots posed challenges for placement at school premises.




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