The semiconductor design company Ampere Computing (USA) is interested in developing a lab in Da Nang
Publish date 07-03-2024 10:12, Lượt xem: 14

On February 28th, the city delegation led by Vice Chairman Ho Ky Minh visited with AmpereComputing in Portland, USA. Accompanying the delegation was Mr. Rohit Vidwans, Chief Engineering and Manufacturing Officer.

Vice Chairman Ho Ky Minh provided an overview of the investment environment, business opportunities, incentive policies, and support for semiconductor development in the city. He emphasized Da Nang's commitment to semiconductor development as a key growth driver.

The city's goal in these meetings with US semiconductor companies is to deepen contacts and discuss specific cooperation opportunities and investment in semiconductor and AI sectors in Da Nang.

Recognizing semiconductor development as crucial, the city is developing the "Development Project of Semiconductor Chips and Circuits in Da Nang" along with specialized policies to attract talent and investment, creating a more attractive investment environment for semiconductor companies. Da Nang also commits to accompany and support investors, implement projects, production activities, and business operations within the city, aiming to achieve the goal of sharing common values and benefits.

Welcoming the delegation, Mr. Rohit Vidwans, Ampere’s Chief Engineering and Manufacturing Officerexpressed keen interest in the development of the semiconductor industry in Vietnam in general, and the potential development of the semiconductor industry in Da Nang in particular.

In particular, he highly appreciates the development prospects of Da Nang city and indicates that the company plans to expand in Vietnam over the next 5 years to further develop additional labs and expand its workforce here, in addition to the branch currently operating in Ho Chi Minh City, established since 2018.

The three groups that the company is recruiting include software engineers, assembly, testing, and packaging engineers (ATP), and design engineers.

According to Rohit Vidwans, Da Nang is a favorable location for establishing the company's second office in Vietnam in the near future, as the city has the capability to meet the standards for high-quality engineers and boasts excellent connectivity infrastructure.

During further discussions at the meeting, intellectual property protection was also of great concern to Ampere Company. If investing in Da Nang, the company suggests that the city provide solutions to protect intellectual property rights for its products.

Da Nang commits to maximum support for information security and intellectual property protection, with a well-invested security system in Software Park No. 2 and readiness to invite cybersecurity experts for further enhancement.

The collaboration between Da Nang and Ampere is pivotal in establishing a semiconductor ecosystem for the city, paving the way for realizing the vision of building a "Silicon Beach" semiconductor area in Da Nang.



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