Da Nang attracts 295 million USD of FDI in 2013
It is reported that the city has granted investment certificates to 42 new foreign direct investment (FDI) projects, together worth a total of 48.4 million USD. In addition, 17 others have increased their capital by a total of 246 million USD.

These projects focus on the fields and sectors suitable to the city’s socio-economic development planning including services, tourism and hi-tech industry.  In 2013, FDI enterprises earned 450 million USD, a year-on-year increase of 8.43%.  They made a remarkable contribution to the city’s total imports and exports turnover with an estimated tax contribution of 56.5 million USD to the city’s budget.   

Up to December 2013, the city has granted investment certificates to 279 FDI projects in total, with a combined value of 3.33 billion USD, and created jobs for more than 38,000 employees. 

In addition, appealing for ODA capital saw positive results.  11 ODA projects managed by the city are being implemented with total investment of 697.81 million USD, comprising 536.6 million USD of ODA capital.  In 2013, the city disbursed 1,858 billion VND for ODA projects, and their ODA capital disbursement hit approximately 1,732 billion VND. 

From chinhphu.vn